Sunday Sundaes

Beautiful day today. Hard to believe it is reaching 70 degrees and they are calling for freezing rain, sleet and snow tomorrow with a high only around 29. Mother nature are you okay? Are you going through hot flashes? I swear you  make me think of me some days because I can be having hot flashes and then begin freezing the next.  My son has caught on when I’m like that. He always feels of my forehead to see if I’m clammy cold. He’s a trooper when I am having a migraine and tries to take care of me, helping with the laundry, doing the dishes, running the vacuum. I hope this means he’ll do the same for his wife when he gets married.

Anyway, made it to church. Had a wonderful service even if the lights were too bright and I had to sit there with my eyes closed listening to the preaching.  We ate lunch with my mom which is customary on Sundays. Then I visited with two writing pals in the afternoon.

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