Random Thoughts Tuesday

Sunday I posted about our revival at church. We have had 12 precious souls accept salvation since last Wednesday night. Four Wednesday. Four Sunday morning. One Sunday night. Three Monday night. I can only imagine how many tonight might hold in store for us. The Holy Spirit was there last night in full force and I know He’ll be back tonight. Keep us and the service in your prayers.

I send my condolences out to Angie and Gracie Wilson on the sudden passing of husband and father Bob over the weekend.

It is supposed to be 73 degrees today but tomorrow they are predicting frigid temps by nightfall. The temps will begin to drop around mid-day and continue to fall into the teens over night. I’m still convinced this is a clear sign mother nature is having hot flashes.

Spring break is next week!!! Not traveling, but attending Romfest. Going to be partying at the Airport Hilton.

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