Play Date Saturday

Today I had the dueling headaches. What’s that, you might ask?  Migraine vs. Sinus.  Wasn’t sure which I was having at first. Came home extremely tired on Friday and laid down, took a nap. I never do that. However, even though I slept I didn’t feel rested. That should have been clue #1 that it wasn’t a migraine. I had to get up early and run a few errands, picking up my son’s prescription at the doctor, getting my allergy shot, doing a little 40% off shopping. Came home feeling the headache returning. Ended up laying down and taking another nap, but I felt tension. Clue #2 it wasn’t a migraine. Got a phone call and then went back to sleep until another phone call woke me up again. It wasn’t under I began feeling pressure in my sinus area across my cheek bones that I conceded I was dealing with sinus. Either way, I DO NOT LIKE THESE HEADACHES!!!!!

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