Guest Author Monday

Please welcome today’s Guest Author ~ Mary Marvella

Good Monday, Leanne,  I think it might finally be spring here in Georgia.

I love a good romantic suspense novel! I especially enjoy getting to know the characters.  Some authors keep me awake all night because I can’t put their books down. I hope to be one of those for other readers.

Protective_Instincts_Final_LARGEProtective Instincts was my first book, but it had a different title and a really beginning, tone, and ending.  After I finished it and refined the beginning, I thought it was ready to go out into the world. Not so! I got the “good” rejections but not requests for other work or suggested revisions.  After years of writing other books and revising this one I signed a contract with the editor I least expected to want my story.

Protective Instincts is the story of Brit, a woman who has finally gotten back into life after her husband’s death. She thought his death was an accident, but it wasn’t, and now someone wants her dead. Yes, it’s a romance, so someone wants to protect her.

The hero, Sam, has premonitions that tell him someone is in danger, but not what kind of danger and, of course, his instincts are pointing at Brit, his son’s teacher. He needs to protect, but she feels she needs to learn to take care of herself.

We need a bad guy, so Douglas enters the picture. He’s a professional killer of a different kind. No, I won’t tell you what kind,  but readers say he’s creepy and they are right.


Julie spent the night there, as planned. Their time grading papers and watching sit-coms together seemed deceptively casual, like it was a normal thing, like it was just one more pajama party.

“Julie,” Brit looked around the room, shivering. “am I being paranoid to feel like someone is watching me?”

“I think it’s natural after what happened to you.”

“I can’t shake the feeling that someone sees too much. I’m almost afraid to go to the bathroom alone.” Brit banded a set of graded papers and put them into her tote, her hands unsteady.

Julie’s fingers stopped tapping the keys on her calculator.

“I know what you mean. That’s something you should mention at the group therapy session. Maybe talking to other victims can help you get over that concern. I think it’s just a normal reaction.”

Julie’s room across from Brit’s had its own bathroom. Both bedroom doors stayed open. When the women went to bed, Monster slept on a quilt beside Brit’s bed.

It had taken forever for Brit to get to sleep. Now she tossed and twisted to escape the huge hands mauling her. A rough hand covered her mouth. The hand grabbing her between her thighs hurt.

She tried to scream. She tried to bite the hand hurting her mouth. She twisted from hands grabbing her.

“You want it,” the gruff voice growled. “You all want it!”

“No!” She clutched desperately at the cruel hands, scratching, trying to bite them.


Protective Instincts

 Who is Mary Marvella?

Mary Marvella has been a story teller for as long as she can remember. She tutors students in language arts, writing, Mom_HS_Scan_Rand reading – perfect since she taught language arts/English for 15 years.

Mary made up stories as a child, she made up stories for her daughter, and now she’s sharing the stories of her heart. Join her for a taste of love, lust, sweet tea, and Southern Comfort.

Mary lives in Georgia, north of Atlanta, and is Southern to the core.

Twitter  Mary Marvella@mmarvellab


Thanks for sharing with us today, Mary. I love your cover art for Protective Instincts.



11 thoughts on “Guest Author Monday

  1. Mary,
    Thanks for the reminder that we always need a hero, heroine and a bad guy. The excerpts from Protective Instincts whet the appetite and make us want to read more.

  2. Mary,
    Thanks for the comments which reminded us that we need a hero, heroine and a bad guy. The excerpts from Protective Instincts really whet the appetite and made us want to read more.

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