Play Date Saturday

On the road again…another day of shopping. My Heat and Air unit went out last week and I have to see about getting a new one. So we are headed to Home Depot to check out their Trane units. That is what I have. It is 21 years old and it is time to replace it. Not looking forward to the added monthly payments, but I have to do it.

My mom decided to make a detour to Knoxville Wholesale Furniture to check on a new mattress and box spring set for my son to use when he spends the night with them. Which isn’t that often, but I do travel out of town to conferences or reader author events. While we were there I found the perfect curio that could be used as a china cabinet. I was looking for one last year, but never found anything and today I walked by the perfect one.  Did I get it?  Yep. I put it in layaway with the intent to get it out when I get my bonus in June.


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