What Are You Reading Thursday

I’m reading the Filemaker Pro 13 User’s Guide. Trying to figure out how to add in a whole new section to the database we have because the person who created it “didn’t have the time” to work on it and also because he didn’t remember the correlation of the tables either because it had been too many years since he’d worked on it.  I TOTALLY understand this. Believe me. I’ve been during tutorials, trying to figure the relationships out and every time I think “I’VE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT” I hit a big, brick wall.

I’m willing to take classes. But there are none in my area. Traveling 4 hours to Atlanta isn’t an option right now I don’t think, but it may come down to that being considered if this doesn’t work. I’ve thought maybe I should try to recreate the database, set up the tables, the relationships, etc. but this is a huge undertaking. I’m so  afraid the finished product would not be usable in the end. That I wouldn’t get it to work right because the relationships snapshot of the current databse looks like a freakin’ spiderweb connecting this table to this table to that table over there. UGH!!!

OIT on campus does not provide support for Filemaker software. Only Microsoft products. I’ve taken classes on Access before but the professor I worked for decided to us Filemaker instead to create the database. So if you hear screaming in the distance and can’t figure out where the sound is coming from it may just be me as I run away from it all.

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