TGIF … Heroes

Wow it is Friday again and time for another look at some hunky heroes.  Some authors post weekly on their FB pages pic after pic of men in various stages of undress, but does that constitute a hero?  I don’t think so. When you think of a hero what comes to mind? A sweaty, dirty cowboy who’s been riding a horse all day herding cattle? A soot covered fireman who just faced death head on when he ran into a burning building to save an elderly person who couldn’t get out no other way? A person who gives of themselves to others even if they have to go without?

Standards for what one person values as heroic will differ as much as the acts of heroism. So today I challenge you to be your own hero. Go out on a limb. Leave your comfort zone and do something to make this day better for another person. In their eye, you could be their hero today.

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