Guest Author Monday

Today I’m going to stray from the norm and post the winners of the 2014 Laurie Contest. I’m the founder of the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers and I want to make sure everyone who entered or may be curious about the winners gets the opportunity to see this final list.

Congratulations to the 2014 Laurie Winners!

The First Word –  Isley Robson
Trust No One – Annette Keuning
Mistletoe Misgivings – Tanya Agler

Seducing Death – Ellery McKay
Damned If She Do – Janet Walden
Embracing Betrayal – Rachel Rivers

Game of Charades – Samantha Moon*
The Laird’s Woman – Lisa Dawn*
Impulsive – Nicole Locke*

Young Adult
The Geek’s Best Kept Secret – Miguella T. Twosias*
My So-Called Bollywood Life – Nisha Sharma
Intaglio – Katie Grant


One thought on “Guest Author Monday

  1. That’s a high percentage of requests for full manuscripts! Congrats to all the finalists and extra kudos to the winners!

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