TGIF … Heroes

Does having supernatural abilities make someone a hero?  I suppose the answer to that question would be how that person chose to use those abilities. In Cursed by Jennifer Armentrout the hero Hayden has this electrifying ability. He can drain the energy or another superpower from someone. This can come in handy when an empath cannot take the emotions of others running wild and they need some downtime to regroup. Or when a person has the ability to kill anything they touch and they haven’t gotten this gift under control yet, Hayden was able to knock Ember out when he drained her ability.

Ember was out of control. She thought her sister had been kidnapped, her catatonic mother was missing and all their belongings were gone. She had been keeping everything together for two years since her father was killed …. and so was she, but her little sister brought her back to life and without warning the floor had been pulled out from under her. She was angry and she wanted everything back the way it was, even if the situation wasn’t ideal.

So when Hayden wrapped his arms around her and tried to get her under control his power absorbed her ability to kill whatever she touched. Was this a good thing or a bad?  I’ll let you decide.

Read Jennifer Armentrout’s Cursed to find out more.

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