Random Thoughts Tuesday

So who watched the Bachelorette this season?  Were you pleased with the outcome?  Curious minds may want your opinion.

I didn’t watch. Lost interest in that reality show long ago. DWTS is about the only one I watch anymore.

Trying to write a Christmas themed story in July is not easy. Especially when I usually pick music to write by. Listening to Christmas sons when it is so hot outside seems odd.

I was terribly saddened by the passing of James Garner last week. TCM did a feature of his films in memorial yesterday. I loved him in Rockford Files and his movies with Doris Day, Polly Bergman, Suzanne Pluschette were great.  Move over Darling, The Thrill of it All, Support Your Local Gunfighter. Well…really the list could go on and on.

Happy Birthday to Sandra Bullock who turned 50 0ver the weekend.

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