TGIF . . . Heroes

Today’s hero is my son. He’s beginning a new journey in his life. He’s not only starting his Freshman year in high school, tyler freshman o daybut he is starting it at a new school and will be one of the first 125 Freshman to enter. He is being an innovator. A scholar. He is using his high school years to prepare him for a career. He will not only earn his high school diploma but also his associates degree by the time he graduates in four years. I am so proud of him for taking the initiative to pursue this path when the opportunity presented itself in January of this year, calling me up after a school visit from the new principal and telling me about it. For sticking with his interest and going to the open house to learn more about the program, applying for the transfer, and not giving up on the hope that he’d get into the program.

Sure he is nervous, who wouldn’t be. Starting high school is a big step in one’s life. Beginning at a new school where he’ll know very few people is weighing heavy on his mind. He’s excited, but intimidated tyler got cmabecause his class if the first. Their success or failure will be watched by other educators who are interested in starting a high school of this nature in their community. But no matter what the outcome, I applaud him and the other 124 students that will embark on this adventure today.

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