Play Date Saturday

My bedroom/office became the catch all during the kitchen remodel this summer so it is time to pay the piper. It’s clean my bedroom/home office day. So I am trying to remove  the clutter of papers, weed out my paperback book collection (writers know how difficult that task can be), throw away old magazines. You name it and it is probably going to happen as I work in here today.

Oh how I wish I could be anywhere but here, but I will thank myself when I can go to sleep tonight in a more organized space. And I can sit down at my desk to write without having to move this box of swag or that stack of papers. Let’s hope I can find a place for everything, without looking like a hoarder – which I’m not, really I’m not.

One thought on “Play Date Saturday

  1. It is always more comfortable when our desks are clean and not cluttered. Oh, and I personally sleep a lot better when my sleeping space is clean. Good Luck!

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