What are you Reading Thursday

I’ve been sneaking time and reading the peek of Outlander on line at Amazon. I like Gabaldon’s voice and style. I know I know it is hard to believe I had not read her before now, but I think there is a time and a place for readers to try an author. I may not have appreciated the story in 1997 like I do today. I have placed a hold on the book at the library and I’ve even placed a hold on the audio, but the wait list is long and it may be weeks before I get either. I may just breakdown and purchase the ebook.

I watched the free STARS episode of Outlander and I really wish I had that station right now so I could watch it every Saturday night. But I can’t see subscribing to the channel just for the pleasure of watching one hour of TV a week for ever how many weeks it is on. If a friend, and I have yet to hear  any of mine, had that channel I’d gladly pay or make her something yummy to eat just for the chance to go over and watch the episodes I missed on demand. I can only hope that it will come to Netflix or Redbox or be a box set or something soon so those of us who don’t have the opportunity to watch can.


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