Random Thoughts Tuesday

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally got married in France last month. Photos of her in the wedding gown have been released, but I’m trying to figure out is the colored images in the long veil or are they on the back of the dress?  And if so, what are they of and why would she have them on her dress?

Also in reference to their wedding, all the children took part. I find it odd that Shiloh was a ring bearer. She’s a girl and I know there is nothing wrong with having opposite genders be best girl or man of honor, but I find it a little strange that the child has always worn an adorable pageboy cut hair style, and also dresses like a boy too. Is this just a tomboy stage she’ll grow out of or is she gender confused? In this day and age it is so hard to tell anymore.  Not criticizing, but it makes you wonder.

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