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Character Interview:


Author: Thank you for visiting Leanne with me today, Sir Stephen. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions about your recent adventures that appear in THE HEART OF THE PHOENIX?


Stephen: My pleasure. Lady Leanne, your servant. I will answer your questions, provided they pose no danger to my beloved family or to the safety of England.


Sir Stephen, I understand that until Father Joseph stepped in, you refused to escort Lady Evelynn from Normandy to her home in England, even though you were traveling there yourself?

Stephen: I did. The lady had no business wandering through the countryside alone,  accompanied by only an untried squire, a flighty maid, and a band of               mercenaries. But Evie was always a stubborn one.

So you knew Lady Evie before you met her at the monastery where she joined the travelers?


Stephen: Much to my regret, yes. Her brother is my best friend. When we were

younger, our families visited frequently, and she followed me around like a blasted shadow. But when I returned from Crusade to find her grown, all I seemed to see were her sea-blue eyes and tempting smile.

 Then why did you object to taking her with you on your journey?

Stephen: My men and I were on the verge of discovering the identity of a renegade lord who led a band of murdering knights. Her presence threatened our plans, to say nothing of endangering herself. Besides, she had plagued me as a child and I felt,  well, uneasy around her.


Stephen: That’s the best way I could describe it. I seemed to either want to shake her or  kiss her. Neither was a good idea, you understand. The king had betrothed her to another.

The two of you are wed now. What happened to change your mind? And how did you break that royal betrothal?

Stephen: That’s a long story.

You’re smiling, Sir Stephen. And is that a blush I see?

Stephen: God’s blood, lady! I’m a knight. Knights do not blush. I trust you will excuse me now. I see my love and our children are ready to return home. I only hope they haven’t beggared me with their shopping expeditions. Thank you for having me here today, Lady Leanne. May the Lord’s blessing be with you and your readers.

Leanne, I add my thanks to Sir Stephen’s. It’s been such fun visiting with you today. I’m so excited that Stephen and Evelynn’s story is out now!


On my release week, I’m offering a gift for a lucky commenter at each blog stop I make. Today I’m giving away an e-copy of my book. And I thank everyone for stopping by.


Here’s the blurb for THE HEART OF THE PHOENIX.


Lady Evelynn’s childhood hero is home—bitter, hard, tempting as sin. And haunted by secrets. A now-grown Evie offers friendship, but Sir Stephen’s cruel rejection crushes her, and she resolves to forget him. Yet when an unexpected war throws them together, she finds love isn’t so easy to dismiss. If only the king hadn’t betrothed her to another.

Can Be Cruel

Sir Stephen lives a double life while he seeks the treacherous outlaws who murdered his friends. Driven by revenge he thinks his heart is closed to love. His childhood shadow, Lady Evie, unexpectedly challenges that belief. He rebuffs her, but he can’t forget her, although he knows she’s to wed the king’s favorite.

And Deadly

When his drive for vengeance leads to Evie’s kidnapping, Stephen must choose between retribution and the loved he’s denied too long. Surely King John will see reason. Convict the murderers; convince the king. Simple. Until a startling revelation threatens everything.


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10 thoughts on “TGIF . . . Heroes

  1. Nice interview! I agree with Sandra about Stephen’s way of speaking. It really brings back that medieval time and place. Best of luck with the book Barbara!

    1. I appreciate your good wishes, Jana. And stepping out of character for a moment–writing in such a different period–it’s a bit difficult to judge just how much of the ‘flavor’ of that language to use! I’m glad Stephen is toeing the right line 🙂

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