Guest Author Monday

Please welcome our guest author — Mary Marvella

I always wanted to look good in hats. I seldom get to wear cool ones. Lately I wear too many hats!

DSCN2839When I retired from teaching that teacher hat morphed into the tutoring hat. I wear that hat well, if I do say so myself. I added a writer’s hat, which I rather liked! I turned in the photographer’s wife and assistant hat. That hat offered fun, but the husband and I parted ways. As a writer the hat of promoter fell onto my head. I don’t wear that hat well! So what did I decide to do? I grabbed the hat of Facebook promoter and producer of a monthly event. Kinda funny for a non computer person!

I found an editor hat for my own work and as a freelance editor. Then I agreed to wear the hat of line editor for a small publishing company. That hat is bigger! The crazy thing is that I enjoy the different hats!


I recently editing an anthology with two other editors. Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake is live on and will be available in paperback soon!

An anthology of spooky, strange and haunting tales set in a fictional Georgia mountain town featuring the appearance of a ghost ship on Spirit Lake. Each story tells a version of how and why the ship is there.


From my story.


By   Mary Marvella


The chilly night air called Vivian awake, drew her with the melody of Claire de Lune floating on the gentle breeze stirring her bedroom curtains. She raised her head and smiled.DSCN3009_1408 - Version 3


“Come to me, sweet Vivian.”


A man’s deep voice stirred her blood. “I can’t,” she whispered the words to her empty room. “I dare not.”


“But you must come to me, I need you, my love.” His voice sounded so near she looked around the moonlit room for him.


“I, I …” She rose from her bed and drifted to her window, drawn by him and thoughts of being with him. So much time had passed since she had seen him that she ached with missing him.

“I’m waiting at the dock, please come to me.”

She touched her fingers to her lips, memories of his dream kisses fresh and tender. The breeze whisked his scent of sandalwood across her nose. Turning from the window, she grabbed her silk robe to cover her nightgown that swirled around her ankles. She would go to him! She must go to him. Her heartbeat raced as she descended the stairs, barely touching the cool wood on the way to the main floor. Moonlight flowing through the floor to ceiling windows gave enough light for her to see any obstacles, but there were none.

Still the strains of piano music wrapped around her, even as she opened the back door and raced across the porch and down the steps to her lawn. The dew dampened grass felt good on the bottoms of her feet. The same wind that blew her long hair behind her cooled her neck.


Twitter Mary Marvella@mmarvellab

Do you watch older movies over and over again?


How many hats do you wear?


I’ll give a PDF of my romantic suspense Protective Instincts to one commenter who leaves an email address with that comment.

4 thoughts on “Guest Author Monday

  1. Thanks for sharing the history of the many hats you wear, Mary. You wear them well. I enjoyed your excerpt from Vivian’s Secret Desire from the anthology, Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake. It’s a lovely story.

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