TGIF . . . Heroes

Outlander is a very popular word these days. Mainly because of the show and the book by Diana Gabaldon. I have to admit when I watched the free episode from Starz it whet my appetite to see me. I’ve tried to find the book or an audio recording that I can check out from the library, but I’m on a very long waiting list. And after hearing the gushing and the swooning and the remarks on Facebook about Jaime, well I just have to dedicate today’s TGIF … Hero to this Scottish hunk of man.

jaime Let’s start with a comparison of Sam Heughan, present and in costume. He’s man candy in either style. And I think he is a perfect choice for Jaime.  There isn’t a bad profile angle either. And he wears his kilt with flare.sam Heughan


Do I hear any argument on these points?  I didn’t think so. Enjoy!



One thought on “TGIF . . . Heroes

  1. I wasn’t an Outlander fan until I saw the first episode. of course I had to get the book on Kindle and am into the second book now. Sam H is easy to picture as Jamie, not a chore at all!

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