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Please welcome today’s guest author — Lisa Watson

One down…three to go!

When an opportunity presents itself, I find that it’s better to be fluid rather than rigid.  When I proposed my novel, Love Contract to my publisher, they loved it, and said, ‘That’s great.  Let’s turn it into a series with at least two more books.’  My response?  “Absolutely!”  I envisioned The Love Broker series, because of course that’s what my character, Norma Jean “Ms. Jeannie” Anderson is called by her son, Adrian, and his friends.  She’s well known for her matchmaking efforts…some with disastrous results.  At least that’s what she wants them to think.  😉

When my editor told me there was a series on cable called The Love Broker, we had to brainstorm another title for my series.  This bummed me out because that name really fit Norma Jean.  But remember, fluid rather than rigid, right?  So we tossed some names back and forth, and came up with The Match Broker Series.  The series centers on the Anderson family: Norma Jean, her wonderful husband, Heathcliffe, and their only son, Adrian.  It’s set in Chicago, Illinois, and when the story begins, Adrian is one of the city’s most acclaimed bachelors.  After the dating disasters he’s come across in the name of love (and his mother’s machinations), the last thing he needs is another blind date.  Tell that to Norma Jean, though.  She’s set on her son being happily married and then supplying her with grandbabies.  That’s not too much for a mother to ask, is it?

Before long, Adrian meets the fiery, Milán Dixon.  Her Latin and African American heritage are an intoxicating combination, but all he sees is that his mother has done it to him again.  Feeling duped, Adrian sets off a series of events that set the tone for a love as solid as it is explosive.

I had such a great time writing the books in this series.  Finding couples that had hurdles to overcome, differences of opinions, and yet an unwavering desire to be together for the long haul was fun, challenging, and helped me grow as a writer.  Had I not been open to other possibilities, the story would’ve ended with Love Contract, but using book one as a stepping stone, I was able to spread my wings and really have fun with “The Love Broker.”  By book two, Her Heart’s Desire, Norma Jean had her sights set on Milán’s best friend, Tiffany Gentry, and the formidable Col. Ivan Mangum, Ret.

Not one to stray away from a challenge, Ms. Jeannie had her work cut off for her in book three, Love By Design.  This time it was her nephew, Logan Montague that she vowed to reunite with his first, and only, love, Dakota Carson.  But Logan’s desertion ten year prior ensures that finding a way to win Dakota’s heart will be more of a challenge than either Logan, or Norma Jean bargained for.

So what’s next for Chicago’s most beloved matchmaker?  My readers have spoken, and they want a fourth book to tell Ivan’s younger brother, Cole’s story.  What do I say to this?  “I hear you, readers!  I’m going to be self-publishing this one, and I’m looking forward to Cole finding a woman that will have him reconsider his protestations of committed relationships…and monogamy!

Now, I keep in mind the possibility of a series whenever I’m working out a storyline.  Sometimes secondary characters aren’t content to remain behind the scenes.  They want their stories told, too, and will definitely keep at me until I listen to reason.

So if you’re a reader out there, know that authors appreciate your comments, and suggestions.  I personally answer every email, tweet and message I receive.  It’s great to get feedback from my fans and it definitely keeps me going.

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