Sunday Sundaes

Beautiful day today. It started on cold, but not rainy. The sun came out and was gorgeous. We had old-timers day at church. Members of the congregation dressed up as pioneers all the way through the 1920s or so. Women prepared breakfast foods for a special breakfast in the fellowship hall and others brought in old quilts, old family Bibles, photographs, dishes, etc. Men drove their old restored cars. We even had blue grass music while we ate breakfast.

During morning worship the same instrumental music was used instead of the piano and organ for most of the songs. It was a really nice touch and celebration of our heritage. A time to look back and think about those who have walked before us.

Today I am thankful I was able to go to church. I still had a migraine headache, but it was mild enough that I was able to go. I took my medication and made it all through service even though by the time we left I was feeling the ill effects of it and ended up sleeping all afternoon.

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