Sunday Sundaes

I had the best frosted mug ice cream sundae Saturday night at Cracker Barrel in Augusta, GA. After the book signing we dropped by for an early dinner before we went back to the hotel room. We had a healthy meal, grilled chicken tenders, baby carrots, I had dumplings with mine. Then for dessert I had the yummiest caramel sundae with toasted almonds and whipped cream. Yum. Yum. Yum.  That held me over until this morning when I had a nice fluffy waffle at the breakfast bar at Hampton Inn.

Then I drove all the way back to Knoxville through South Carolina and North Carolina before getting back to Tennessee.  It was all the way interstate on the way back from Augusta. Unlike the trip down on Friday when the directions I printed off the interstate had me get off I-26 at Hendersonville and take all these different little highways and roads that made us think we were never going to see civilization as we know it again. For one thing I do not like driving at night when I’m traveling. And for another, I don’t like doing it when I’m making a trip to somewhere I haven’t been before.  And with it dark, you couldn’t tell that the directions was taking you in an out of the way location to get to your destination. We figured that out when our 5 hour trip turned into a 7 hour.

I can’t wait for the invention of the “beam me up, Scottie” method of travel. Then we won’t ever have to ask “Are we there yet?”

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