What are You Reading Thursday?

I finished the 28 disc audiobook of Outlander! Wow. That is all I can say. Wow. I was impressed by the detail and the depth she took with the characters and the whole story arc.

I also read a Christmas short story by Susan Smith Alvis from Kindle Worlds. Mystic Christmas is a fan fiction piece about characters from The Vampire Diaries. I found the story interesting and true to the characters. This was my first Kindle Worlds story that I read and probably my first fan fiction story too.

I have recently subscribed to Ereader News Today and have been finding some very interested books listed in their daily emails. The books are usually 99 cents or free so you might want to check ENT out and subscribe too. I’ve found some great bargains and who doesn’t love trying a new author when the book is free?

Happy reading!

One thought on “What are You Reading Thursday?

  1. Nice! I’m reading the sequel to Outlander right now – Dragonfly in Amber. I was on the fence about Outlander but so far I’m really digging the sequel. Cool tip about Ereader, I’m going to do the same! Thanks for posting.

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