TGIF . . . Friday

It's Friday!  I made it through my second week back at work much better than last Friday. I'm not exhausted. My back is hurting, but otherwise I am doing much better. I have much to do when I get home since I am preparing for a book signing tomorrow. How are you spending your last… Continue reading TGIF . . . Friday

What are you Reading Thursday?

Emails. Application files. Course Descriptions. These all equal to work. I am back at work and have not had time or the energy to read for pleasure in days. But that is okay. I am listening to Outlander on audio. If you thought the book is large you'd agree that the audio is as well. Twenty-eight… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

Monday Musings

Ground Hog Day! Punxsutawney Phil says 6 more weeks of winter. Out west in Wisconsin Jimmy the Groundhog bit the mayor's ear and predicted an early spring, however, the groundhogs handlers said he really said 6 weeks more of winter. Ha.  It is six weeks until Spring anyway. We all know it. Leave the poor… Continue reading Monday Musings

Sunday Sundaes

Woke with a stomach bug. UGH!  Actually, went to bed feeling like I had one. Laid on the couch and listened to an audio book letting my mind create a movie of the words. Fell asleep after a while and felt better when I woke. Thankful I was able to keep some pretzels and string… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes