Random Thoughts Tuesday

More ice. Frozen roads. Frozen trees. It's almost as if someone made Elsa mad. Who knew that sledding could be just as fun on ice as in snow? Didn't try it myself, but seen enough videos on FB to know that kids were having fun in this frozen wonderland we are living in at the… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Sunday Sundaes

Another cold day. Chilling temps in the low teens with a wind chill factor that made it seem colder than it was. BRRRRR! I went to lunch with two of my author friends to a new restaurant that is getting ready to open on Tuesday. It was a trial run for the wait staff and… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Valentine’s Day – Play Date Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day! It's Saturday and it's a book signing Saturday too. Going to Newport, TN to the Cinema Four to do a book signing with several other authors in honor of Valentine's Day and the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. More movie goers came to see Spongebob Squarepants than any of the other… Continue reading Valentine’s Day – Play Date Saturday

What are you Reading Thursday?

I have now completed 12 discs of the 28 disc volume for Outlander. This has taken me up to the part where the production that aired on STARZ stopped. So I am getting into new territory. Will Jamie save Claire in time? Will they once again find bliss in each others arms? April 4 is… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

Rumor Hast It Wednesday

Union County and Campbell County schools are closed for the rest of the week due to the high volume of students and teachers ill. They are calling for snow flurries later tonight into tomorrow and colder temps tomorrow. Will it happen? Teenagers today are not the same as the teenagers of my generation. I'm sure… Continue reading Rumor Hast It Wednesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

It's Wednesday and I am writing a weeks worth of blog posts. Taking those weeks off to recover from surgery has not been good for my writing process. I must do better. I just finished watching the first full season of Reign on Netflix. Love it! Can't wait to see season two. Netflix is my… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Sunday Sundaes

I woke with a headache today and the feelings of a sore throat. I didn't think much of it. The weather has been crazy lately. Warm one day. Cooler to freezing the next. My son, who had been fine yesterday morning, has come down with something. He started showing signs on the way home from… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

I'm spending the first half of my day at the Maynardville Public Library for their Author Meet and Greet. Kalyn Cooper, Kate McKeever, TG Franklin, Andrea Renee Smith, JK Ensley, Lexi Witcher, Brandi Kennedy and myself were there in full force with out books, table displays and smiles to meet the patrons of the library… Continue reading Play Date Saturday