Play Date Saturday

I picked up some DVD rentals from Redbox last night. It was nice to just sit back and relax, watching those. The Judge – very good. I highly recommend. The film was rated R, but I’m not sure why unless it was bad language which was very minimal. Loved Robert Downey Jr. in it. It was also nice to see Vincent D’Onofrio in a film.

I finally got to see Maleficent. Wonderful film. I’m not a big Angelina Jolie fan, but she was excellent. I loved the way she called Aurora “beastie”. Such an endearment when she was supposed to have hated the child. I wasn’t disappointed in it. But I couldn’t say the say for A Million Ways to Die in the West. What a let down. The previews had looked hilarious and had me and several other authors wanting to see it. Maybe they had other opinions of the film, but the foul language at the beginning made me not want to even watch it. I kept thinking it had to get better and it kinda did, eventually, taking on a little character arc when Charlize Theron came on screen.  But I’m so glad I did not go to the theater to see it. And that I was given a fifty-cent discount from Redbox for renting three DVDs at one time.

For the most part it was a lazy day. I took a nap. I needed to rest after the week I’d had. Dealing with the ups and downs of the weather and trying not to catch the colds others have had isn’t easy when your immune system is still low from having surgery. Three months ago now, but it does take time to recover fully. Outside, incisions may be healed, but internally there is still healing going on. I can feel it with the little aches and pains I have. Especially if I bend wrong and have a muscle spasm or whatever that warns me to take it easy.


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