Monday, Monday

First off let me say I have never served on a jury duty before and so I am eager to do so for the experience as well as serving my community. I will try to make my posts humorous and nondescript.

Day 1 – Jury Duty

Report between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Okay so I go. I find the parking garage. I hike to the correct building and find the room location. I stand in the long line for check-in, get my parking validated, and them I get directed to the waiting area. It’s a long hallway with 60 people and the chairs are spaced out in groups. There is even a room (must be for deliberation) filled with folks waiting. We wait. And we wait. Finally we are told we are dismissed, check back tonight about whether to report tomorrow.

What a way to start a Monday morning. I’m not complaining. It was frustrating for those who were waiting, some were walking the hallway ( I was reading so I was fine ), but it was also frustrating for the Court Clerk who was in charge of us. She’d had to check us all in, sign work excuses, stamp our parking only to let us go with the promise of maybe tomorrow.

The problem I encountered today was I had never parked in that parking garage before. I consider myself to have a good sense of direction but I must not have been paying attention as I circled the levels because I had trouble getting out. I ended up circling one level twice because I didn’t notice I needed to turn right instead of left to get on the correct level to exit. I blamed this all on the fact I parked down a level instead of going up. I always go up when I park in a garage. I should have done it this time too.f parking down a level instead of going up when I entered the garage. Next time I’ll get there earlier and go up.

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