Monday Monday

It's Monday and what a beautiful morning we are having in East Tennessee. But it is going to be hot, HOT, Hot today. They are calling for 94 degrees and that means it could get a little hotter. I'm glad I'll be inside most of the day admiring the sunshine from my office window. I'm… Continue reading Monday Monday

Another Beautiful Day

Catch the heat and sun while you can this week, the forecasters are saying today will be our only one in the 80s this week. I've heard the rest should be in the 70s. Rain is possible so we could be moving into another little cold snap. I'm hoping not, I'd like to have a… Continue reading Another Beautiful Day

A Cold Snap

We've been having gorgeous weather, but we have hit a bit of a cold snap. Which is typical for April. We'd normally call it Dogwood Winter, but the Dogwood's have already bloomed. It is really too early in the month for Blackberry Winter, so I guess this year we'll call it a cold snap. These… Continue reading A Cold Snap

Winter here again?

Last week I was wondering if Spring was really here and today it looks like Winter is back. March came in like a lion and with it has brought tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, blustery winds and snow. My mom was saying March has always brought our worst snow falls. She remembered when she was a girl… Continue reading Winter here again?

Is Spring Really Upon Us?

I'm skeptical to believe that spring can be so close at hand. Though we are less than four weeks away. Still we've not had a typical bout of winter this year. Just a hint of it here and there. The daffodils have already sprouted in thick bunches along the road side and in yards. We… Continue reading Is Spring Really Upon Us?