A Cold Snap

We’ve been having gorgeous weather, but we have hit a bit of a cold snap. Which is typical for April. We’d normally call it Dogwood Winter, but the Dogwood’s have already bloomed. It is really too early in the month for Blackberry Winter, so I guess this year we’ll call it a cold snap. These cold spells last only a few days to a week and they help the trees or plants bloom. It’s natures way of bringing about new birth. So we enjoy the warm days and cool nights and sometimes the cool days. My heat is off at home and even though I have the air conditioning on, I have the thermostat set so it would have to get hot inside before it would come on. And with this kind of unpredictable weather you never know what will happen during the day. I chalk it all up to living in East Tennessee. It’s home and I enjoy it.

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