Random Thoughts Friday

Happy Good Friday!! Driving long distance while listening to audio books is awesome. It makes the miles fly by. We did Smokin' Seventeen on the way to DC last Saturday and Explosive Eighteen on the way home today. Can't wait to read Notorious Nineteen. Apparently I'm making a cheesecake for Easter tomorrow. My mom requested… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Sunday Sundaes

Sundays have always been the day we go to church from as far back as I can remember. ¬†We went to Sunday school and morning service, came home for lunch and then went back for evening service. That was our Sundays. For Easter, Mother's Day, Homecoming Sunday, Father's Day, and Christmas we always had new… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturdays

Today I truly played. I did my housework yesterday and spent most of the day in leisure after running a few errands this morning which included taking flowers by my grandparents grave. In the afternoon I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I don't do this often, but Easter is tomorrow and I couldn't wear my… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays

Random Thoughts Friday

Today is Good Friday. I wonder how many people really know what Good Friday means? My employer calls it Spring Recess now instead of Good Friday, separation of Church and State I guess, but the employees refer to it as what it is. Good Friday is the day Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was¬†crucified… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday