TGIF … Heroes

Welcome to my new Friday blog, TGIF ... Heroes. I think you may enjoy this one. Today I'm going to be talking about the men behind my characters in my upcoming historical romance To Catch A Duke. This is a sequel to my Christmas historical time-travel from The Wild Rose Press titled Season of Love.… Continue reading TGIF … Heroes

What are you Reading Thursday

Sometimes I think I am just very lucky when I get to read an ARC for an author. This week I was given the pleasure to preview One Horse Open Sleigh Race by Karen Hall. A Christmas Novella that should hit the shelves in the next several weeks. Karen has a knack for writing Christmas… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Play Date Saturday

Today has truly been a play date. It all started with the annual July SMRW picnic held again this year at the home of one of our members. Thanks to KaLyn for being such a gracious hostess and putting up with us for most of the afternoon. We ate. We talked. We planned for the… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What are You Reading Thursday

Contest entries. I'm judging in another contest and I have to say these were good ones. I think all three have potential in getting published. Of course my score is only one in the first round of judging, but maybe out of the three will get a high vote from another judge and will go… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Guest Author Monday

Today I'm excited to have with us as our guest author -- Kara Leigh Miller Never Judge a Book by its Cover...Or Should You? We've all heard that old saying, "never judge a book by its cover." But, should you? Do you? Be honest! I'll admit it. I do. Why? Because I'm a busy person,… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Sunday Sundaes

Today started out as a typical Sunday, except for the downpour of rain that woke me. I went to church, but instead of coming home for Sunday dinner at my parents I went with two other ladies to eat lunch and then we went to the opera to see Rossini's Cinderella at the historic Tennessee… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Random Thoughts Friday

Reports say that Julianna Hough was robbed of $100,000 worth of jewelry that her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest gave her. She had it in her car. My question is why was she keeping it in her car? Not a very safe place to put it in my opinion, but then no one asked me. What do… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Play Date Saturday

It's the second Saturday of the month and that means another SMRW meeting. We had a guest speaker today. Diana Love and she spoke ¬†about building a career in today's market. The meeting was great and very informative. Diana brought with her a guest, Barbara Vey. The conversation continued during lunch making for a wonderful… Continue reading Play Date Saturday