Play Date Saturday

Today has truly been a play date. It all started with the annual July SMRW picnic held again this year at the home of one of our members. Thanks to KaLyn for being such a gracious hostess and putting up with us for most of the afternoon. We ate. We talked. We planned for the 2014 Romfest we will be co-sponsoring next year with Trista Ann Michaels. SMRW is very excited about this endeavor and we hope many of our fellow authors and readers will try to come to the event in 2014.

I arrived home with about 45 minutes to get changed and leave again. I went to the ETNSPJ/Knox News-Sentinel Front Page Follies where they were honoring a former college professor of mine for her many years of series. I admit I had heard of the follies when I was in college, but I didn’t know when they were held and I had never been before. Boy have I been missing out on a great time. I don’t think I laughed or enjoyed myself as much as I did listening and watching these folks poke fun at the cities news coverage. I hope I can go again next year.


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