What are you Reading Thursday?

I'm gearing up to begin judging writing contests. I just received my entries for the Laurie contest. I'm looking at young adult as well as historical entries. These should be fun. My son is reading Tim LeHaye books again. It really amazes me how he goes through books. Not tiny books, but thick books with… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?


Again this week I'm going to talk about a hero that I did not have an inspirational image. This novella was written before I started pinning on Pinterst. However, that doesn't make John Franklin from my novella Ava any less heroic. In fact, John is probably unlike most heroes. He has a passion for reading… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

Guest Author Monday

I'm pleased to have with us today as our Guest Author -- Sydney Jane BailyFirst, thank you to Leanne for inviting me to be on her blog. It’s a pleasure to connect with your readers. Second, sorry to hear about the migraine problem. I’m a fellow sufferer and have been for decades. I had the… Continue reading Guest Author Monday