New Release– End of Lonely Street by Alicia Dean – Plus an Awesome Giveaway

I’m excited to share my latest release from The Wild Rose Press on what would have been Elvis’ eightieth birthday. ‘End of Lonely Street’ is a Vintage Romance Short Story set in 1957, in the era when Elvis first burst on the scene. Like my heroine in the story, I am a diehard Elvis fan.… Continue reading New Release– End of Lonely Street by Alicia Dean – Plus an Awesome Giveaway

What are You Reading Thursday?

I've been reading a little of this and a little of that this last week. I read about a hundred pages of so of Unbelieveable the fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series. I really want to finish that book, but since I had my sinus surgery I haven't read too much for a… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

What are You Reading Thursday

I haven't had a lot of time to read this week, but I have continued on Book 3 in the PLL series. My son however has started a new series by Michelle Paver and has devoured books 1-3. He's waiting on book 4 to arrive from a hold he placed on it at the library.… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

What are You Reading Thursday?

Reading is a premium. You know how it is when I'm working on a new book. I don't have time for recreational reading. Besides writing I'm also critiquing for my group again. So I'm reading snippets of their current projects (up to 10 pages at a time). Those are looking very interesting. I'm looking forward… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

Guest Author Monday

I'd like to welcome our guest author today -- Anna Markland How My Kindle is Saving the Planet My name is Anna Markland and I am a kindleaholic! But I have discovered a new way to use my beloved kindle in addition to devouring romances! I have never acquired the knack of reading long passages… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

What Are You Reading Thursday

My Cupcake, My Love Briana Galen is perfectly content operating her bakery in her hometown of Cedar Hollow near the Great Smoky Mountains. She’s content, that is, until famous novelist Devin Morris moves back to town with his six-year-old daughter. Devin seems determined to think the worst of Bri, even accusing her of canceling her… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Random Thoughts Friday

Why do they call Nitrous oxide laughing gas? It doesn't make me laugh. Am I an oddity? I've had three dental procedures now and I think the most I've felt is relaxed. Tax free weekends sends people out shopping for any bargain. The Good Luck Spell went live and is now available for the Kindle at… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

If you haven't already snagged The Good Luck Charm you can get it as a free download this weekend at (Aug. 3-5). I'm putting it up FREE to celebrate the release of The Good Luck Spell. I'm waiting for a final tweak on my cover and it should be ready to release. So those… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

What Are You Reading Thursdays!

I hope everyone is reading The Good Luck Charm today. It was released at midnight on Amazon in the Kindle Edition. Since it is one of mine I'm quite proud of it because it isn't like the other books available. This one is my first Indie-Published book!  So it makes it a little more special. … Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursdays!