Guest Author Monday

I’d like to welcome our guest author today — Anna Markland

How My Kindle is Saving the Planet

My name is Anna Markland and I am a kindleaholic!

But I have discovered a new way to use my beloved kindle in addition to devouring romances!

I have never acquired the knack of reading long passages on the computer. My eye wanders all over the screen! When I first began writing medieval romance novels, I used to print off the completed parts and revise them by hand. After the revisions, I painstakingly went back to the Word version and applied the edits.sadtrees

What next? More writing, then print off another version and repeat the process. This could happen at least twenty times as the manuscript progressed. Reams and reams of paper!

Those poor trees.

It used to be my habit, once all this printing, revising and editing was done, to load the finished kindle version on to my own kindle just to make sure everything looked okay.

mynotesOne day, it was as if a light bulb went on in my thick head. I could make notes on the kindle version and then correct the computer version from the Notes and Marks section.

Why had I not thought of it before! (Did I mention I am blonde?)

Not only does this method save a lot of paper, it is a much quicker way to edit, and somehow more satisfying. Instead of having to sit at a desk and manage hundreds of pieces of paper, I can curl up on the couch and use my thumbs to type in my notes and bookmarks.

The last few books I published, I did not use any paper at all! So not only are my stories irresistible page turners, they are also environmentally friendly! The latest one is Dark Irish Knight.

DarkIrishKnight_CVR_MEDBlurb: It’s rumored Ronan MacLachlainn is the son of a selkie. But nothing can stand in the way of his vengeance for the murder of his wife and unborn child, and the loss of his ancestral lands in Ireland.

Rhoni de Montbryce is the pampered daughter of a powerful Norman Earl. Can she make Ronan whole again?

For readers familiar with my cast of characters, Rhoni is the babe born in the mountain fortress in Conquering Passion.

 Amazon link

Nook link

Kobo link -coming soon!

Smashwords link

Dark Irish Knight is also available in paperback from Amazon.


Bio: Anna Markland is a Canadian author who writes medieval romance about family honour, ancestry and roots. Her novels are intimate love stories full of passion and adventure. Following an enjoyable career in teaching, Anna transformed her love of writing and history into engaging works of fiction. One of the things she enjoys most about writing historical romance is the in-depth research required to provide the reader with an authentic medieval experience.

Born in England, Anna has lived most of her life in Canada. Besides creating intimate stories about the lives and loves of her characters, her other passion is genealogy, and she has written histories of many of the families she has researched. This has had a big influence on her fiction writing.

The mother of four grown children, she spends her time enjoying the beauty of Vancouver Island and the incredible beaches of Panama.

Thanks Anna for joining us today. We wish you the best and thanks for sharing ways we can save trees!

8 thoughts on “Guest Author Monday

  1. Anna, that’s EXACTLY how I write. It’s rare to find another author who writes the same way I do. But once I’ve finished the book, it’s basically done! I don’t know about using my Kindle because there’s something about seeing the words on paper that makes them more visual. I use my Kindle as a final read-through before publishing, though. I catch new things that way. Also I use Createspace and make a proof print book. That’s also a different way to view your story.

  2. What a smart use of your Kindle! And I’m so new to Kindle that I’m only just learning about the ways to use it! Now you have shared another! Thanks! 🙂

    ps. I’m blonde too!

    1. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I would not go back to the paper editing now. Kindle notes helps you keep focused and you’re not hunting for the line you want to change if it’s a page with a lot of edits.

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