Random Thoughts Tuesday

BR-R-R! It's freezing. Temperatures everywhere are dipping into the negative numbers and windchill factors are making it seem colder. Two-hour season/series finale of Hostages last night. Everything seemed to be wrapped up. Good job writers/actors for giving us a great one season show that didn't leave you hanging wondering what might have happened. Tonight Pretty… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

What are You Reading Thursday?

I finished Evermore and I've started the second book in the Immortals series. Blue Moon is already good and I'm anxious to get further into the story to find out what is going to happen between Ever and Damen. I'm also trying to finish reading book #4 of The Pretty Little Liars series.


Today we have a guest post from author Kate McKeever The Anti-Hero                 As I go through my book shelf, I’m finding something interesting. Most of my “keeper” books have one thing in common. The anti-hero.  And if I go through my favorite movies and tv series, it’s even more obvious. Take Nathan Fillion, for… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are You Reading Thursday

I haven't had a lot of time to read this week, but I have continued on Book 3 in the PLL series. My son however has started a new series by Michelle Paver and has devoured books 1-3. He's waiting on book 4 to arrive from a hold he placed on it at the library.… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

What are you Reading Thursday

I finished Flawless, PLL #2 last week. And I picked up Perfect PLL #3 from the library on Tuesday. Just started reading it and already on chapter six. It has been a while since I saw the TV episodes so I started watching the first season again to see who they handled what was going… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday