Today we have a guest post from author Kate McKeever

The Anti-Hero

                As I go through my book shelf, I’m finding something interesting. Most of my “keeper” books have one thing in common. The anti-hero.  And if I go through my favorite movies and tv series, it’s even more obvious.

Take Nathan Fillion, for instance. In Firefly, he is the epitome of an anti-hero. An ex-soldier, space pirate, and reluctant hero, he is so memorable that Firefly has more fans than it had  when it was on television years ago. As the holiday season approaches and I spend a lot of time working on presents and baking, I’m putting in my DVD and listening to Nathan blessing everyone out at the same time he is saving their hides.

What about the heroes in True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, even Pirates of the Caribbean?

As a reader, I love reading the works of Linda Howard. She has found a way to make even the most feared assassin be attractive to both the reader and heroine. Her books are all in my keeper shelves.

As a writer, I’m finding that I love featuring the anti-hero. In my current work in progress I have a hero that is in fact a man who has been exiled for eternity.  He has one goal, to survive and not to become attached. And, of course with the heroine, he has to become involved and attached.

Why is the anti hero so popular? Is it because he is so strong and determined? Is it because the heroine is the ultimate salvation for the hero? Or is it the subtle attraction in all of us for the bad boy?

Do you have an attraction to the anti hero/bad boy? What is your favorite hero?

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