Play Date Saturday

Spent the day with the kiddo. We watched Twilight of all things. He confessed he thought it was the best movie out of the series. Then he wondered if he felt that way because it was the only book in the series he'd read? Not sure. But hey it isn't every day that he'll sit… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What are You Reading Thursday

My son has found a new author to read. From the cover flap I caught the name Vince Flynn. NY Bestselling author. I thought cool. So I asked the natural question, how did you hear of this author? What made you decide to read his books. Teenagers response: "I saw a book on the shelf… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me our Guest Author -- Marilyn Baron Series is the New Black Thank you for hosting me today, Leanne. I’m especially excited because my new novel (the 5th with The Wild Rose Press), Homecoming Homicides—a dark romantic suspense with a humorous twist—was released exclusively on Amazon a week ago at The… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

What are You Reading Thursday

My son has finished the series he was reading last week and has started a new one. I'm not sure what that one is yet. I'm trying to find a little time in my busy schedule to read. I've got my Kindle charged up and I'm carrying it with me. But time is kinda precious… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday