What are You Reading Thursday

My son has found a new author to read. From the cover flap I caught the name Vince Flynn. NY Bestselling author. I thought cool. So I asked the natural question, how did you hear of this author? What made you decide to read his books. Teenagers response: “I saw a book on the shelf and pulled it off.”

“Really?” I asked.


“So you just picked a random book and started reading? It doesn’t matter who the author or what the topic?”


Marketing tip for the non discriminating teen. It doesn’t matter, just write the book.

First book he read in a week. Checked out what I found was book 11 in the series. So I looked up Vince Flynn because the back cover of the new book had a nice photo of the author and he looked to have steely blue eyes, clean cut. Made me think of a lawyer. Found out the author died of prostrate cancer in 2013. But never fear, he’d written 13 books in the series and started another one. His first book American Assassin was even made into a movie.

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