Monday Monday

It's Monday and what a beautiful morning we are having in East Tennessee. But it is going to be hot, HOT, Hot today. They are calling for 94 degrees and that means it could get a little hotter. I'm glad I'll be inside most of the day admiring the sunshine from my office window. I'm… Continue reading Monday Monday

Sunday Sundaes

Same story, different day--week. Yep, another migraine Sunday. Slept a lot. Thought I was feeling better but then I had auras. At lunch and then my vision went wonky, had to take another nap. Woke with another headache. Not sure what is going on. Why this is so bad right now. Threw up Friday night. My… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Sunday Sundaes

It seems I will always be plagued by migraine headaches on the weekend. I say that because that is what my life is like these days,  though I am seeing doctors who are trying to find the answer for me. Sleep is the best thing for me. So I spent a good portion of the… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Sunday Sundaes

Woke this morning and got in a little last minute writing in before packing up from my weekend writers retreat. I had a good time. Enjoyed being with the other writers there. I was able to work even though I had a migraine two of the mornings while there. I just had to stay away… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Does stripping wallpaper off the wall sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday?  It does if it's the first step in prepping the room for a new look. Considering I woke with a Migraine, took medicine, went back to bed, got up around noon, made lunch, ran a quick errand and returned to… Continue reading Play Date Saturday