Sunday Sundaes

Rainy day. Good napping weather. Not too hot or humid. Nor too cool either. Just perfect. However, there wasn't much on television if you wanted to just veg out and take it easy. I tried reading a little. It was a just a pleasant day resting. Letting my mind build up some creative juices for… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

I've been ill all week. So today is a resting day. I've done laundry and fixed lunched. Cleaned up the dishes, but more that that isn't happening. I've been watching a NCIS marathon on TV this morning, read a little and now while I blog I'm watching The Avengers movie without my son who I… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Play Date Saturdays

There is nothing better than getting your hair cut. And if your hair is anything like mine you probably have to get it cut every six to eight weeks. Mine is fine and thick. Almost a contradiction, but that is how you'd describe mine. It is fine, yet it has a tendency to grow in… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays