Play Date Saturdays

There is nothing better than getting your hair cut. And if your hair is anything like mine you probably have to get it cut every six to eight weeks. Mine is fine and thick. Almost a contradiction, but that is how you’d describe mine. It is fine, yet it has a tendency to grow in thick. I have to have it thinned every time I get it cut or I’ll be miserable until my next hair appointment.  I like to wear it short and if I keep it short then I do not have to perm. In fact, I haven’t had a perm in over seven years I guess, maybe more. The old saying time flies when you’re having fun is true. But time flies in general too. It doesn’t matter if you are miserable day in and day out time gets away from us.

A true picture of time flying is when I look at my son. It seems like only yesterday I was pregnant with him and waiting for his arrival. And when he was born, I remember thinking to myself while I was still in the hospital, I wonder what he’ll be like when he grows up. I’m still not sure what he’ll decide to become profession wise, but I know time is flying. This last year he’s went from a boy into a young man. It has been like watching a super hero morph from a nerdy type into this powerful being or Popeye eating his spinach if that gives you a better visual picture.

But what does time flying, my son growing and having a hair cut have to do with Play Date Saturdays? Not much, except its all life and we need to enjoy every day that God gives us. Have blessed one.

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