Random Thoughts Tuesday

Went to Pigeon Forge yesterday. Weatherman said it would be foggy. True. Weatherman said it would be in the 60s, but would slowly climb to 71 by noon. False. In Pigeon Forge it was in the low 80s. Sun was shining so it was hot. Hot. Hot. I was dressed too warm. I was uncomfortable.… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Valentine’s Day – Play Date Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day! It's Saturday and it's a book signing Saturday too. Going to Newport, TN to the Cinema Four to do a book signing with several other authors in honor of Valentine's Day and the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. More movie goers came to see Spongebob Squarepants than any of the other… Continue reading Valentine’s Day – Play Date Saturday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

The Destiny Blaine Workshop and Ready Rally is October 8-12 in Kingsport, TN. Read all about it here in The Loafer.  Bestselling authors from erotic to sweet and everything in between will be in attendance at the event. So if you are in the Kingsport/Tri-Cities area come out and meet these authors at the Reader… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Play Date Saturday

Anyone up for a book signing? Ten SMRW authors went to Hastings in Maryville, TN today to sign our books. Hastings is a bookstore, but sells more than just books. CDs, DVDs, books, skateboards, musical instruments, games, TVs. You name it and its got it. Foot traffic in the store is pretty heavy too except… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Play Date Saturday

Today is the TNVAE at the Grand Expo Center in Knoxville. I was with the other 90 some authors who came out to sign and meet readers. We had a blast. I sold my books, gave away swag, and met some really interesting people. I also made some contacts for future speaking engagements, blog spotlight opportunities… Continue reading Play Date Saturday