Play Date Saturday

Anyone up for a book signing?

Ten SMRW authors went to Hastings in Maryville, TN today to sign our books. Hastings is a bookstore, but sells more than just books. CDs, DVDs, books, skateboards, musical instruments, games, TVs. You name it and its got it. Foot traffic in the store is pretty heavy too except I think we scared some of the shoppers. I’ve never seen such frightened expressions when they came upon us in the center of the music section (where the store placed us since it was the largest open area). It was almost comically watching how some of the shoppers skirted us. And others stood off and looked. Did they dare come close? Might we try to sell them one of our books? Others weren’t shy at all. They came over and asked what we were doing and seemed pretty impressed we’d written the books before us. Some came by for the freebies and it was all good.


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