Rumor Has It Wednesday

Did you hear the screaming last night?  Boy I did. No, it wasn't a ghoul. It was my pal Lexi Witcher screaming for joy. About 8 p.m. last night she got an email that Twisted Sixteen was released four hours early on Amazon.  Today is release day for Twisted Sixteen, her second book and the… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

TGIF … Heroes

What makes a hero? I know we've touched on this before. But for a young girl with a 300-year-old curse hanging over her head a guy who can give her the promise that she will not die that guy is a hero. He's going out on a pretty thin limb to say he has the… Continue reading TGIF … Heroes

What are you Reading Thursday

I'm reading the advanced copy of Twisted Sixteen, the sequel to Bittersweet Sixteen by Lexi Witcher. Twists, turns, surprises and romance abound within the pages of this YA paranormal. Witcher really explores the relationship between Dodie and Leopold in this one.   Expected release is October 2014.  So you don't have too long to wait.