Random Thoughts Friday

Two days in the 60s. Windy mixed with rain. It feels more like March than January right now. Opening the window in my office at work. So hot I can't breath. Free premium channels all weekend on Direct TV...bad, bad, bad. I need to be writing instead of watching TV. Oh dear!  

The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Even though the North East Coast is the main path of Hurricane Sandy everyone on the east coast is seeing the effects. Add in a few cold fronts coming down from Canada and the mix can be very unpleasant. We are seeing rain and colder temps than we'd like for the end of October. Just… Continue reading The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Rainy Monday would be okay with me

It rained last night. The wind was blowing, a few flashes of lightning before I went to bed, but it did rain. My car was wet all over when I went out to leave for work. YEAH!! We need the rain badly right now. It looks like it could rain this morning too. Maybe it… Continue reading Rainy Monday would be okay with me