Rainy Monday would be okay with me

It rained last night. The wind was blowing, a few flashes of lightning before I went to bed, but it did rain. My car was wet all over when I went out to leave for work. YEAH!! We need the rain badly right now. It looks like it could rain this morning too. Maybe it will.

I have plenty of things to do inside so raining would be fine. But let’s not have a raging, wind blowing storm like we did last Thursday. I do not want to lose power tonight. Need to cook dinner when I get home, therefore I need power. Not sure what I will fix, but it will require the stove, thus electricity needed. I also need power to write for longer than my laptop battery is charged. And my cell phone battery will probably need charging tonight too. It always goes down when I need it most.

In summary, raining is good, loss of power is bad.

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