Monday Musings

It has been eight days since my son has been to school. He was ill for two, observed an inservice day, but the other five have been snowdays. I'm not complaining. I'd rather he be safe at home than on a school bus traveling across icy roads. I've seen some parents posting on social media… Continue reading Monday Musings

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Curly Top, Shirley Temple, passed away at the age of 85 last night. She was a wonderful child actress and a political diplomat in her adult life. She leaves behind a legacy for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She will be missed by the world. With the weather forecasters be right about the snow? Will… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Sunday Sundaes

It was another cold Sunday. They treated the roads in front of my house as there is a chance for bad weather between now on Tuesday. I am so hoping that it begins to warm up after this storm system moves out. I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. We have just been… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes