Play Date Saturday

Foggy morning as the earth began to warm from underneath the ice, remnant of yesterday's ice storm. Pieces of ice fell from tree limbs and telephone lines. Water dripped off of icicles as they melted. By noon the temperature had reached above freezing and was in the 40s. The sun was shining giving a false warmth… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Play Date Saturday

Woke 6 a.m. and finished housecleaning. By 10 a.m. I had showered and started laundry, settled in to write. By noon I was headed to do returns with my mom. Grabbed lunch on the way. Found some great buys on clearance items and finally found new bathroom rugs in my colors. I've been looking for… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Random Thought Friday

It's cold and rainy again today. It's been like that all week. The skies gray with heavy clouds like it will snow, but it is only teasing us. Don't wait until I have to go back to work to snow. Do it before Wednesday please. My son asked today when my Christmas break was over.… Continue reading Random Thought Friday

Random Thoughts Friday

Why does it take so long to create a manuscript, but once it is published a reader can zip through it in a matter of hours? Almost finished with my galleys. Then I can go back to writing. Yeah! Should I put up the Christmas tree this weekend or wait until next? Will I feel… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Falling Leaves Blowing Everywhere

I watched the leaves fall yesterday. The yard was empty, but by the time the sun started to set it was pretty covered with the leaves that had fallen from the trees. But that isn't all of them. There are plenty still left to fall. I see it on campus, along the interstate as I… Continue reading Falling Leaves Blowing Everywhere

A Cold Snap

We've been having gorgeous weather, but we have hit a bit of a cold snap. Which is typical for April. We'd normally call it Dogwood Winter, but the Dogwood's have already bloomed. It is really too early in the month for Blackberry Winter, so I guess this year we'll call it a cold snap. These… Continue reading A Cold Snap

Random Thoughts Friday

It's raining, the trees are all green, and it's giving off a green hue outside. So springy. So unlike March, more like April. It's hard to write a Christmas story when it is so warm outside. Usually music helps set the mood, but listening to Christmas carols doesn't feel right either. Sigh...what to do. Last… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Springing out all over

As I drove home from work on Friday I noticed the snowy white flowers of the Bradford Pear trees. It was like driving through a winter wonderland of white blooms for a small section of the interstate. I love seeing these trees in bloom. Now we have the purplish flowering red bud trees showing their… Continue reading Springing out all over