A Female’s Perspective

This afternoon we have the opportunity to talk briefly with Dana Steven’s producer of the Country Kitchen on the Southern Cooking Channel. She’s friends with Penelope Anders who writes the Country Kitchen daily blog.

Hi Dana. Can you tell my readers how you met Penelope Anders?

Dana: We were college roommates. We both studied Communications. I broadcasting and Penelope digital media.

It’s my understanding that you have not been happy with the new CEO.

Dana: True. At first I thought he was making trouble, but now … he seems to have changed a little.

How so?

Dana: He understands my position now and he knows not to cross boundaries. He has his job and I have mine and as long as we remember that we’ll get along fine.

He said he spent Christmas at the Anders farm and everything went fine. Would you agree?

Dana: He spent Christmas out there all right. He showed up unexpectedly and almost ruined everything.

How so?

Dana: I can’t comment on that. I think you should ask Penelope. And while you’re at it, see if she’ll tell you what she really thought of Derek Smythe in high school.

Okay. I’ll do that. One more question. Why’d you ask a girl that can’t cook to write a cooking blog?

Dana: I didn’t know at first. We roomed together in a dorm. We didn’t have a kitchen so I had no idea. By the time I learned she couldn’t cook the blog had a following and I felt it wasn’t right to ask her to give it up. She’s a good writer and she had a plethora of cooking knowledge within her Aunt Edith’s box of recipes.

Sorry, that’s my phone. I gotta run I have a meeting with Bixby.

Thanks for your time, Dana. To learn more about her and the other characters be sure to read A Country Kitchen Christmas.


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