Free Download Day 2

By 10 p.m. EST A Country Kitchen Christmas was at #19 in the Kindle Store Best Selling Contemporary Romance.  This morning at 8 a.m. EST when I checked it was up to #16. Thanks for the support folks. This is awesome. And as I promised yesterday here are some character interviews.

Barton Bixby is the new CEO for the Southern Cooking Channel where Dana Stevens and Penelope Anders work. According to Dana, the man has been a problem since he took the job. She’s further upset with him when she learns he bypassed her and launched a marketing campaign around Penelope’s Country Kitchen blog, awarding one lucky follower the chance to spend Christmas with Penelope at the Anders farm for posting a comment.

What do you  have to say for your decision to run the contest without consulting even Penelope Anders?

Bixby: Not to seem pompous, but if it made money for the Network then I didn’t have to consult anyone because I’m the CEO. Besides it all worked out in the end. Penelope came through like a trooper. We had a lovely Christmas at the farm.

Did you say we?

Bixby: Um… I showed up unannounced.

That doesn’t sound very nice. You force a situation that obviously was uncomfortable for Penelope and then you go there uninvited. What do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Bixby.

Bixby: I didn’t have plans for Christmas and why should I have to eat alone when I knew Penelope was cooking a lovely meal?

Hmmm…. and you say it all turned out good?

Bixby: I think so. Mr. Morton enjoyed his time there and the cooking segment went off without a hitch. The ratings for the Country Kitchen daily blog sky rocketed.

It sounds like you were lucky this time, Mr. Bixby. You mentioned that Penelope was a trooper. What about Dana Stevens?

Bixby: She’s a delightful woman. I think she has promise. She’ll go far in this industry.

Thank you Mr. Bixby for your time. I’ll be chatting with Ms. Stevens later today and I’m curious to hear her take on the situation.

Bixby: You will? I’m … sure she’ll say the same. It all turned out well in the end. Really it did.

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