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During March 1-4 A Country Kitchen Christmas is being offered as a free download at This is a great chance to get a free book and try a new author if you haven’t already picked up one of my stories. To kick off this event I’ve lined up some personal interviews with Penelope Anders, Derek Smythe, Dana Stevens, and Barton Bixby. So check back daily to learn more about these lively characters.

Today I’ll give you a little excerpt from the story. I hope you enjoy.

The knock at her door announced Dana’s arrival and Penelope went to unlock it. “What’s so important that you had to rush over here?”

“Nice to see you too.” Dana took off her sweater and scarf and tossed them on the door side table. “What’s important is we’ve got a problem. A big problem.”

“We do?”

Dana nodded. “I just left a meeting with Barton Bixby, the new CEO of the network. That man has been a problem since he took over. You know how he’s made all these changes recently in how things are run. Well, that wasn’t enough for him. He had to go and have marketing run a contest without tell me. Me, the producer for the Southern Cooking channel, and I’m not even consulted.”

“Contest? What kind of contest?” Penelope went to the kitchen and got two bottles of water from the refrigerator. She returned to find Dana pacing.

“You haven’t looked at the SC website lately have you?” Dana pointed to the laptop and the display on the screen.

Penelope tossed her one of the bottles and sat in her desk chair. She stared at the monitor, reading the announcement that she had somehow overlooked for weeks when she logged in to post her blog. Shaking her head, she turned to Dana. “They can’t do this. They have no right to do it without asking if I even agree to have some stranger spend Christmas with me.”

“Well, honey, he did it and it’s too late. They’ve already got a winner. He’s been notified and he’s coming to the Anders farm for Christmas.”

Penelope swallowed the knot forming in her throat. “B-but there isn’t an Anders farm. Not anymore.”

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